Although we had a relaxing time off, it’s great to be back in the studio and doing what we love best. The diary is starting to fill up and we are looking forward to meeting new clients as well as reconnecting with existing ones. But before we delve into 2020 we thought we would take some time to reflect on what we got up to last year…

Spice Pots

In March, Spice Pots asked us to take some photographs of their products – both group and individual shots. The end result was full of colour and vibrancy! The company provide 100% natural, perfectly blended spices and simple recipes so that you can create delicious Indian-inspired dishes at home.

Little Bakery of South Queensferry

Our parent company, Creative Storm, were asked to help breathe a new lease of life into the company’s logo and identity (you can see the end results here.) We were then delighted to spend a day at The Little Bakery photographing all their delicious home-baked cakes and goodies. We took a range of lifestyle and product photographs to be used on their website and also as part of their social media output.

Meldrum House Hotel

The Summer months proved to be a very busy period for us and we spent a lot of time up north, working on various projects. One of these involved heading up to Aberdeen to photograph Meldrum House Country Hotel’s new restaurant called Pineapple. We got to preview their exciting new menu which focused on locally sourced fish and beef. Glen Garioch were launching one of their oldest  whiskies at a special event at the hotel and we were lucky enough to be able to take some nice, atmospheric photographs of the product.

An Talla

The sun was shining for our trip to Loch Ness to visit the newest retail destination and café called An Talla. We got to photograph their new menu and some of the products – as well as a couple of Highland Cows wearing kilts! The venue has proved to be a huge success attracting double the expected visitors in its first month.

Donald Russell

Throughout last year we continued to build and grow the image bank for Donald Russell, making sure that all the photographs we took adhered to their brand principles. This involved taking photographs of new products and thinking of creative ways to show off existing products in their best light.

Hobbit Log Cabin

We had a break from photographing food and drink when we were asked to take some lifestyle shots of a new, unique holiday home, situated in Perthshire. Creative Storm created a brand identity for this eco-friendly log cabin. The next job was to then create the website and so it was down to us to supply enticing photographs, showcasing the rustic charm and stunning views that the Hobbit Log Cabin offers. We also created a short promotional film, which allowed guests to get a real feel for the cabin and appreciate the tranquility of the location.

Our parent company Creative Storm, were also kept busy with lots of interesting design projects. To find out exactly what they were up to you can read their blog here.

We also continued to experiment with different backgrounds, lighting, techniques and compositions to make sure that we are constantly growing and keeping on top of our game. We are looking forward to putting these skills into action and expanding our portfolio in 2020 and beyond. Happy New Year everyone, we hope it’s a good one!