Three of us from Thyme Photography embarked on a field trip over the boarder to brush-up on our food styling and reignite the photographic processes involved. Joan Ransley from Aspire lead the course, bringing years of experience and her enthusiasm for food over the course of the day.

The setting for this little adventure was totally idyllic – The lovely rolling hills of Cumbria was the perfect backdrop to get our creative juices flowing. Aspire owner Catherine was very welcoming and provided us throughout the day with refreshments and sound advice from her own experiences.

Overall the course was a chance to see other photographers at work, with the guidance and wonderful props cupboard of Aspire to help us along the way. It was also the opportunity for us to explore new ideas and create visual food stories using the wonderful ingredients and produce provided.

As a creative team in Edinburgh working with top Chef’s, eateries and producers of food & drink, we understand the importance of food styling, planning and the preparation involved behind the scenes to create stunning photography.

This is why we choose to continue learning, continue growing and continually produce amazing work.