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Vertical photographs

In 2019 three-quarters of all web traffic came from mobile devices. This increase brought with it a new photography trend as vertical photos saw a rise in popularity. Smartphones are to be held accountable for this trend, as we typically hold them in the upright position. Vertical photos are much more comfortable to consume on mobile, and are usually displayed at a larger scale.

Aerial Photography

Thanks to drone photography, images that feature a bird-eye-view are becoming increasingly popular. We are big fans of this style of photography as it is great for setting the scene and showing the full detail of the food (as demonstrated in the picture below). However in order to get the best from this style, you have to put your creative hat on and make sure the image has a powerful composition with strong shapes and strategic placement of props.

Vibrant Colours

Strong, bright colours are going to take centre stage this year. In a time where hundreds of thousands of images are taken and shared daily, it can often be a battle to get noticed. Therefore the bolder the colour, the louder it shouts and the more it demands attention

Product photograph of St. Andrews made Eden Mill gin.

Natural environments

Going green is a hot topic right now and this has made its way into photos as well. Whether it be taking photographs outdoors or adding elements of nature to an indoor shot, the result can help soften the scene and create a sense of serenity.


We’ve all heard the term “less is more” and when executed well, minimalist photography can be an extremely effective yet dramatic way to capture images. This style of photography doesn’t need to be boring and instead it can be striking and engaging. The subject has to be the strongest element of the shot, with no distractions to divert the viewer’s attention from the product you are trying to sell them. The below image uses a dark background and clever use of lighting to put the product fully in the spotlight and draw your eyes towards it.

Authentic photography

Photos that look like they are being used without retouching or overdone effects resonate with potential customers and help them connect better with the product. This is because the imagery is more authentic and people can believe and trust in what they are seeing. When it comes to food photography we believe in showing a true representation of the product at it’s best, whether that means a few crumbs on the plate or some sauce dribbling out the side.

Photograph of sticky pork ribs.

Our parent company Creative Storm, were also kept busy with lots of interesting design projects. To find out exactly what they were up to you can read their blog here.

We also continued to experiment with different backgrounds, lighting, techniques and compositions to make sure that we are constantly growing and keeping on top of our game. We are looking forward to putting these skills into action and expanding our portfolio in 2020 and beyond. Happy New Year everyone, we hope it’s a good one!