Although it might not always feel like it, the Summer season is now in full swing. This is the time when brands have the opportunity to engage with their audience through strategic advertising campaigns. Whether it’s a new Summer menu you are launching or you want to introduce a seasonal product, it’s vital to get the photography spot on. 

Setting the scene

It’s time to embrace the season and Summer can conjure up thoughts of picnics, barbecues, fish and chips at the seaside, beer gardens and alfresco dining. Photography is a form of communication and each image should evoke particular feelings in the viewer and tell a story. Small details, like capturing the smoke rising from a barbecue can bring back fond memories of holiday’s and spending time with family and friends. If the viewers are able to connect with your photo then they are more likely to buy your product.

Before we begin any photo shoot we need to think of what type of scene we are trying to produce and how to show off the products in their best light. Clever use of props can really help to achieve this. For example adding delicate china and a wicker basket can transform an otherwise ordinary picnic scene into a vintage affair. This type of photography does take quite a bit of planning. It’s a good idea to create a storyboard and plan what food will be taken and/or cooked at the location, what the final scene should look like, and what props will help bring this idea to life.

From field to fork

Throughout the year, but particularly during the Summer months, we love to go and visit local suppliers and businesses to document the food and drink making process in action. From animals grazing in fields to fishermen preparing the days catch, these type of lifestyle photos can really help your customers understand where their food has come from and what goes on behind the scenes.

Shooting Outdoors

If we are shooting in the studio then the Summer season lends itself nicely to brighter colours and lighter backdrops. However when the sun is shining it’s always great to get outdoors where we are spoiled with unlimited background options. We don’t have to worry about the background of the photos or scenes that we want to shoot – there are a lot to choose from! We’ve had several shoots in the large, open garden outside our studio which we are lucky to have access to (pictured above).

Light is the key to creating stunning photographs. This is why it is always best to photograph products in natural daylight rather than under artificial lighting. However, bright sun can bring with it its own set of challenges that we have to overcome in order to capture that perfect shot. Strong sunlight can cast hard, dark shadows on the subject area that can sometimes be distracting to the viewer. Soft shadows are much more flattering, creating subtle depth and dimension without dominating the scene. To achieve this look it’s best to take photographs in a shaded area. Even propping an umbrella up over the food can give an evenly lit, textured, and defined look.

Summer Recipes

This is the time of year when people are drawn towards fresh salads, light main meals, fruity desserts and refreshing drinks. Creating a recipe video to use across your social media or on your website can really attract attention and drive more traffic to your website


Having a new stock of mouthwatering Summer photography at your disposal can really help to inject a new lease of life into your current campaign both online and offline. So now’s the time to strike when the iron’s hot!