After a busy day photographing all your products in their best light
– our services don’t end there!

We also include post-production colour correction and photo retouching as standard for every photoshoot. This is an essential part of the process and often tends to gets overlooked, but it’s very specialised and often time-consuming.

To give you an idea of what gets done post-production below is a before and after shot from a recent photoshoot with online butcher’s Donald Russell. The first image is the unedited version and the second shows the final image after post-production.

Colour & Light
We make sure the colour of the meat is as accurate as possible and, where needed, we boost the contrast and colours to make them more vibrant. We also ensure that items such as vegetables are rich and punchy so that the image will look stronger when it is printed. Furthermore we make sure the light is uniform and suitably bright throughout the image.

In order for retouching to be successful, it’s important that our original image is of a high standard in the first place. We can then go into it to make subtle changes to enhance the overall effect. For example we zoomed into the slices of tomatoes on the left and removed some minor imperfections and green herbs which had been there. We also eliminated any dust and scratches from the photograph. Plus if you look closely you will see in the original picture the text on the recipe book was a bit difficult to read.

File Size
Once we’re happy with all the final images we usually create a web gallery for the client to view their photos, and once approved we supply final high resolution images as a unique download URL link (which is fast and secure). We normally supply JPEG file format but we can supply different formats depending on how the client is planning on using the photographs, for example we can reduce the file sizes and optimise them as PNG’s so that they are web-ready.

As you can see, pressing the shutter on the camera is only one step in a very precise and delicate process – a lot goes on behind the scenes that you may be unaware of. Plus way before all of this we need to ensure a shoot is well organised and planned (watch out for our next blog coming soon).

Ultimately we only supply you with photographs that we are completely proud of, and we hope that you are as happy with the end result as we are!